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Welcome to lower York Street in Fredericton! This tour comes to you from Fredericton Heritage Trust.

The York Street Audio Tour outlines key social and some architectural history of lower York Street from Queen Street at the northern end to Dundonald Street at the southern end.

The website version of the tour links you to more information and other organizations' websites, plus wonderful heritage photographs. You can even click on any image to view a larger version with identifying information including its source. Start and stop the tour where you please.

If you want to begin at the beginning and you're actually walking the tour, then we meet at City Hall on Queen and York Streets. Otherwise enjoy the trip through your tablet, laptop or smart phone.

Let me set the scene. Fredericton streets were laid out over 200 years ago in 1785, but they remained unnamed until 1819. When they finally were named, they reflected Loyalist roots and connection to the British Crown.

From the early 19th century, York Street had its own distinct character as a hotel street, and had a reputation for gentility and refinement. Fredericton was a compact town then, with settlement contained between the Saint John River and Charlotte Street.

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Now we begin the tour.

Edgecombe's Carriage Factory ca. 1886
PANB George Taylor Fonds: P5 302

180 York Street, 2012
Fredericton Heritage Trust

St. Paul's United Church, 2012
Fredericton Heritage Trust

Kirk Apartment Building, 2012
Fredericton Heritage Trust

Union Station and Liquor Store, 2012
Fredericton Heritage Trust