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FHT Issue #001 - February 2014

FHT Walking Tours DVD $12.00

In response to the popularity of our 4 audio walking tours of 2009, this DVD features striking images of those landmarks – augmented by a brief narration and views of other Fredericton points of interest. Total running time 36 minutes; 90 pictures.

Available from Botinicals Gift Shop and Westminster Books

Picturesque Posters $7.00 each (exclusive of matting, framing or laminating)

Featuring selected photographs from our 2006 "Heritage Vision" streetscapes contest, these posters (3 feet x 1 foot size) are suitable for home, office and gift-giving. Available from Westminster Books, the Provincial Archives and Bates Custom Laminating Ltd.

Building Capital: A Guide to Fredericton's Historic Landmarks

Revised (by John Leroux) for 2006 edition $7.00

First edition (a best-seller) was edited by John Leroux & Peter Pacey, 2004

From the earliest and simplest of Loyalist vernacular dwellings to the most flamboyant Victorian mansions, this walking tour guide portrays the sweep of Fredericton's architecture as a direct connection to the social and economic conditions of the past, and how that past has fashioned this exceptional city.

Views of Fredericton: A Picture History for Colouring $3.00

by Linda Hansen; illustrated by Linda Bell; translated by Anne Michaud, 1984

Designed for all age groups, with pictures specially drawn so that young children may colour them; the text is written to interest both older children and adults in the history of Fredericton.

Les Sites Historiques de Fredericton: un Recueil d’illustrations à colorier $3.00

de Linda Hansen; illustré par Linda Bell; traduit par Anne Michaud, 1984

Ce livre fut conçu pour les gens de tous les âges. Les illustrations sont dessinées de sorte que les enfants puissent les colorier, tandis que le texte est écrit pour les enfants plus âgés et pour les adultes. Ayant les butsd’instuire et de plaire, ce livre décrit des bâtiments et des scènes typiques des dix-huitiène et dix-neuième siècles dont las plupart se voit encore de nos jours.

A Fredericton Alphabet $15.00

by John Leroux, 2001

A black and white photographic exploration of Fredericton's rich heritage buildings captured in a unique manner that illustrates the ties between architectural ornament and the letters of the alphabet.

A Tour of Boss Gibson's Marysville: A Nineteenth Century Milltown $3.00

By Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert L. Dallison, 1991

Thumbnail descriptions (and photos) of the dominating cotton mill, stark workers' quarters, elegant managers' homes, stores and churches bring to life the 19th century social structure and way of life of this once booming industrial town, named a National Historic District in 1993.

Heritage Handbook $5.00

by Fredericton Heritage Trust, 1982

Fredericton's unique atmosphere is not only the result of the beauty of its setting and of the original town plan but also of its lovely older homes. Many people today are trying to preserve this heritage by renovating their old houses. This handbook is designed to help homeowners who wish to renovate and to encourage others to follow their example.

Fredericton Heritage Trust publications are available at Westminster Books, Botinicals, Beaverbrook Art Gallery and York-Sunbury Museum.

Not all books are available at all locations. Contact Fredericton Heritage Trust if you are unable to find what you are looking for.