82 Shore Street

As the boyhood home of the internationally acclaimed poet Bliss Carman, this unique house built around 1840 attracts admirers from far and wide. The middle section was built by Colonel Shore around 1840, and was sold to Henry Robinson in 1851, who added a new wing to the house. The Carmans bought the property in 1867, naming it Cosey Cottage, which would stay in the family until 1890. Pink and yellow diamond-patterned stained glass surrounds the Shore Street entrance, topped by an elegant "WC" for William Carman, Bliss’ father. The house appears somewhat bare and windowless from the street, and is in fact "backwards," as Shore Street was originally designed to run behind the house. The actual "front" of the house, with its many windows and French doors, faces the rear garden and its enormous old elms. The main floor living room on the river side possesses one of the most splendid carved wood fireplace mantles in the Province, with coiled brackets that stand free from the wall.