736 King Street

Although it might be difficult to believe today, this house began soon after 1800 as a simple five-bayed house much like that of 750 Brunswick Street without the roof dormers. It remained that way for nearly a century, and during that time housed many notable citizens including: the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir Howard Douglas, during the construction of the Government House, Charles S. Putnam, Clerk of the Supreme Court, and Provincial Chief Justice Sir John Allen. Around 1896 it was given its present embellishment of towers, bays, cupolas, and decorative siding by Frederick B. Edgecombe, Fredericton’s most prosperous dry goods merchant and real estate baron. Edgecombe’s family crest and probable likeness lie within a marvelous stained glass window at the landing of main interior stair. Visible on the grassed boulevard next to the street is a tiled pavement that is presumed to have been installed for Mrs. Edgecombe to wipe her feet while descending from her carriage. An interesting footnote - beneath the road directly in front of this house, near the manhole cover, there lies buried the body of a young 18th century Acadian woman who has twice been disinterred due to roadwork - once at the turn of the 20th century and again almost one hundred years later just prior to the turn of the 21st. In both instances she was reburied in the same location out of historical respect.