Welcome to the home page of the Fredericton Heritage Trust.

The Trust was organized in 1972, nearly half a century ago. It formed in response to very real threats to Fredericton’s impressive built heritage, especially the then City Council’s plans to re-develop the downtown core. We have engaged in many other campaigns since then – and we will continue to do so.

The Trust knows that heritage is a very fragile gift from the past, one that can be easily lost. Some years ago, City Hall itself escaped demolition by one vote. More recently, in September 2019, the Risteen Building was torn down following City Council’s refusal – in a motion that was carried by one vote – to give heritage designation to a structure that was nearly two hundred years old.

This website has several purposes, although it is chiefly intended as a heritage resource. The several headings on the left will hopefully prove to be useful for those interested in our city’s built heritage. More immediate issues and events are featured on our FaceBook page.

City Hall
Photo from the Provincial Archives of NB

Former Risteen Building
Photo from the Provincial Archives of NB