Fredericton Heritage Trust is a volunteer non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of the natural, historical, and architectural heritage of the capital region of New Brunswick.

Garden & Dooryard Tour

Join us on this self-guided tour of six charming private Fredericton Gardens - Fredericton Heritage Trust's bi-annual fundraiser. 

There is something to satisfy all tastes whether you are a plant person, just wanting some ideas for your outdoor space or even just looking for an enjoyable evening out visiting beautiful spaces. Following the tour you are invited to join us for an evening reception with live entertainment.

Two ways to purchase tickets:

1. In-person, connect with one of the Fredericton Heritage Trust board members for your ticket today. Or available at place of reception until 6pm day of.

2. In-person from one of our amazing supporters:
Westminster Books                                                Botinicals Gift Shop
445 King Street                                                     610 Queen Street

Event Poster

Scavenger Hunt Winners 2016

The Frederiction Heritage Trust and Partners are pleased to announce the winners of the FROSTival Architectural Scavenger Hunt for 2016 and congratulate all those who participated. Check out the links below for the answers and a poster with the winners for each category.

The Winners

Adult category answers - page 1

Adult category answers - page 2

Child category answers

Original contest announcement


Heritage Fair 2015 - Exhibit

Here is a series of posters created by Rachel Quackenbush for the Heritage Fair.

poster board 1poster board 2poster board 3
examples poster board 1examples poster board 2Holy Trinity poster board