Fredericton Heritage Trust is a volunteer non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of the natural, historical, and architectural heritage of the capital region of New Brunswick.

2017 FROSTival Architectural Scavenger Hunt

Fredericton Heritage Trust encourages you to explore our built heritage in a different way through our FROSTival event Architectural Scavenger Hunt! This event will be FREE and open for the entire three weeks of FROSTival (January 19 - February 12)

Stroll through downtown Fredericton and look up, down and all around at the architectural details that so richly contribute to the defining character of our city. Fredericton's early architects, designers and developers had a keen eye for subtle nuances that make so many of our buildings unique, valuable and worth preserving.

Have fun identifying each building then turn your entry form in to the Fredericton Heritage Trust via email or PO Box 546 Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A6.

All completed entries will be eligible for a drawing for several different prizes. Turn in your entry by February 12, 2016. 

Winners will be notified by Rachael or Jason, from Fredericton Heritage Trust.

Register for the event here.


Heritage Buildings that Dodged Demolition

Heritage buildings caught in the crosshairs of progress and urban renewal have come under threat of demolition. Other significant buildings, perceived to have outlived their usefulness, have nearly succumbed to the same fate. In this talk, discover which historic buildings in Fredericton, at one point destined for destruction, managed to dodge demolition.

The event takes place Sun, 22 January 2017 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM.

Register for the Event here.


Free Public Talk and AGM 2016

AGM Poster 2016

Scavenger Hunt Winners 2016

The Frederiction Heritage Trust and Partners are pleased to announce the winners of the FROSTival Architectural Scavenger Hunt for 2016 and congratulate all those who participated. Check out the links below for the answers and a poster with the winners for each category.

The Winners

Adult category answers - page 1

Adult category answers - page 2

Child category answers

Original contest announcement


Heritage Fair 2015 - Exhibit

Here is a series of posters created by Rachel Quackenbush for the Heritage Fair.

poster board 1poster board 2poster board 3
examples poster board 1examples poster board 2Holy Trinity poster board